Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Triangles and Pizza

I have been diligently working away at my Half-Square Triangle quilt. This is the one where I use all the sample half-square triangles I make when I demonstrate my Stitching Lines at quilt shows. Well, the Long Beach Quilt Festival was a very long show, so consequently I have a whole lot of HSTs. I have added 5 more rows so far. I have sewn together 8 more rows and I have blocks for 12 more rows. That's 25 rows. Plus I have a whole day's worth of squares that came from my neighbor's stash. Don't tell her, but I plan on sewing something up for her also.

I really like how the quilt top changes from predominately reds and greens to blues. I haven't decided what the next color will be.....maybe yellow and golds and then browns and back again to blues.

Andy took me out to pizza for lunch today. Since I found out I was lactose intolerant a few years back, I have shied away from pizza. But this may sound really strange to all you cheese lovers........I don't miss the cheese on a pizza. I think it is usually so mild that it doesn't add that much flavor anyway. That would be because I never liked strong flavored cheese.
To me, it's the pizza sauce that makes it taste like pizza. And was it ever good today! We went to Urban Pizza in Vista. It is the best..........nice thin crispy crust. Just the way I like it.

And, no, we didn't eat it all!

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Candace said...

That's definitely a lot of fun HST's, Mary! I love how you change the colors - kind of like a walk in the park on a fall day!
Hey - I don't eat cheese on my pizza either - and it's great!

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