Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Make a Mistake 40 Ways

I've spent the last couple of days making Spanish Tile blocks. I have made this quilt so many times, I didn't even need to read the directions. After all, I wrote it. You would think I would know what I was doing. Right? WRONG! I made a simple little mistake 40 times! The blocks all have the same fabric for the center with two different fabrics for the in-between part and the outside. (This is the quilt making up the background on my blog page) Well, I made the centers of the blocks from a bunch of different fabrics. The outside became all white. It changes the whole look of the quilt...........not what I wanted. It should of looked like this.
Now it is a predominately white quilt....really not what I wanted.
So, I am turning it into a baby quilt. I could probably make two baby quilts with all the blocks I made the wrong way............OH YEA....I DID SAY I MADE 40 SQUARES WRONG!!!

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