Saturday, August 22, 2009

Let it Be

There comes a time when one finally has to recognize a mistake and just let it be. Don't even try to rectify it. It's bad, it's ugly and it has no use in your life. As Paul McCartney sang, "Let it be."

What was I thinking so many years ago, when I started this quilt? It's from a pattern I did for Quiltsmart, called Pinwheel Spin. It makes a great kids quilt. It super easy and fast to make. Just the word "pinwheel" conjures up feelings of lightness, airiness, movement, kids, whimsy, fun, summer.
So what was I thinking when I made this up with Civil War prints! To me, civil war means darkness, death, smoke, dark skies, explosions, broken bodies.
I sewed one row together yesterday, made up some border blocks and came to the conclusion, that this is one unfinished quilt that I will not be finishing. I will put it in with Goodwill donations and maybe someone else will see it all differently than I do.

1 comment:

Candace said...

Oh nooooo - I think it's great, Mary! Don't you think adding some wonderful quilting will make it shine?

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