Wednesday, September 16, 2009


That really is a picture of James Taylor. I apologize for the absolutely terrible quality. Like I said before, I am no photographer.
After setting up my booth at the San Diego Quilt show, I met my husband at Carl's Jr for a delectable gourmet meal and then headed out to Valley Center for a James Taylor concert.
The music was great...lots of oldies, but goodies. Lots of standing and dancing..........not me, but others. I just do some toe dancing! The crowd was quite a bit older. I would like to say older than me, but most were probably close to the same age.
James Taylor is my husband, Dave's favorite singer.....always has been, so he was very happy to finally get to see him.

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Candace said...

What a gas, Mary! We saw him at one of our zoo concerts a couple of years ago - my oh my what a flood of fun memories come from seeing him! I'm so glad you're taking time to have some fun while you're working!

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