Friday, September 11, 2009


I rescued my quilt and changed the design!
I foolishly used some brand new fabric that I had bought in Maine while on my vacation. It's a beautiful batik with a bluish green background and green leaves. I thought it would work as a border and then I would pull it in to the interior part of the quilt. I was wrong. It is fine as a border, but looses it's impact when cut into smaller pieces.
And yes, I can save the quilt. I will probably give it to my daughter, Carol. She loves anything with blue and green.
By just changing color placement, I think this design will different fabric. Do I see a shopping trip in my future?
I wish I could show you more. Just a peak, since it is a new design in progress!

See how the upper triangle fades into the background and the lower one contrasts with the background. It's the same fabric. The top should have the same look as the bottom. It really makes a difference in the design.

1 comment:

Candace said...

Very pretty -- can't wait to see more!

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