Thursday, September 10, 2009


Do you know what I did yesterday? The ultimate screw-up in quilting!!
I cut wrong and wasted fabric and now I don't have enough. I really need the same fabric. A substitute won't do. I had to just put it away last night. I was so mad. That means a trip to a shop 45 minutes away. And I bought it so long ago, that I am doubtful that the shop will still have it in stock. Does the word BUMMER come to mind???

I am going to my first guild meeting today!
I have always thought about visiting a guild, but for some reason never did. But my neighbor and friend, Jane, has talked me into going. Actually, I don't think she has ever gone before either. We both needed moral support!
It should be fun as there will be a speaker talking about machine quilting. And boy, do I need all the help I can get in that department. In fact, I just dropped off another quilt, yesterday, with my quilter buddy, Amie. She does wonders. I pretty much let her do her thing.
I do have a little quilting setup, a Juki and a Grace frame. But, beside the fact that I can't get to it right now (due to Andy's temporary move back home), it is something that I have never really gotten the hang of. I don't have the paitence for practicing. I only put on good quilts. And since I don't want to ruin them, I just quilt what I know how......stipling and meandering. That can get pretty boring!
Maybe I will learn some new tricks today. I love a good demo.

Just a pretty picture to end my blog.
Have a good day!


Candace said...

I think we all have quilting screwups, Mary! I hope you can find your fabric. If not, putting a plea out to those of us in blogland can be quite successful! Have fun at your guild!

Yvonne aka sommeke said...

Sorry for the screwups and hope you find the fabric!

Just discovered this blog :
What an inspirations!

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