Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Car Is Packed

My trusty Mazda 5 is all packed up for the San Diego Quilt show. My car is not a mini van, even though my kids all call it that. It is what Mazda calls a Sport Wagon. Doesn't that sound less like a "soccer mom car"? But the kids say if it has sliding doors, it's a van. I guess you could call it a mini, mini van!

Actually, I once was a soccer mom, to three soccer players and only one time did I have a van. We called it our bus...........it was a yellow Volkswagon camper van. We actually tried camping in that a few times with the five of us. I remember everything had to be put outside at night just to make room for all the beds. After that, I always drove a sedan. I never did need the big mini van. Everything fit in the trunk.
But, once the kids were grown and on there own, I needed something bigger......so that I could go to quilt shows as a vendor. So that's what I have now........a sport wagon.
Even so, the small size of this car pretty much determines what I can take to a show.
At the San Diego show, there are very nice men(union workers) who will unload my car and load it back up). Isn't that wonderful!

Today, my friend Candace, of Squash House Quilts, posted some beautiful purses that she tested for Stephanie over at Loft Creations. The purses are gorgeous and certainly give Candace a head start on her fall accessories. I think I want to make a few of those.

Well, I am off. Hope it is a good show.

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Candace said...

I like your Mazda, Mary! And men to unload it - life is good!! Have a great time at the show and thanks for the linky! I'll be ordering more Stitching Lines when you return!

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