Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Vacation

We are back from a one week vacation in New England. We had a wedding to go to in Newport, Rhode Island and stayed a few extra days for a little R & R. The wedding was at an old Manor house. Except for the first two days of tropical storm Danny, the weather was very nice. Danny went off shore just in time for the Sunday wedding which was partly outside in the garden.

Aren't the flowers pretty? I can't get over how green everything was. We don't see that in Southern California.

The first full day that we were in Rhode Island, this is how it looked the WHOLE day. The heavy rain didn't keep us inside. We visited a couple of Vanderbilt mansions.

While we were in Rhode Island we visited some old battleships. Now these don't mean a lot to me. But I did find the deck to be interesting and snapped a picture of the deck boards.

While driving around we came across a whaling museum. Once again, no photos inside, but I liked the pavers outside. I see some inspiration here!

Driving up the coast of Maine, in Kennebunkport, we came across what we think was the older President Bush's summer home. We think so, because there were plenty of cars stopped and people taking pictures and a sign saying something about buses.

So, I took pictures just like everyone else and not really sure of what I was looking at. Am I hearing something about sheep following sheep???

We visited Mount Washington in New Hamphire. A little cold and windy at the top, but the ride up on the Cog Railroad was an adventure in itself.

While in New Hamphire, we went to Canterbury Shaker Village. No photos inside of course, but not living in the country, I found the stack of wood to be an interesting subject.

We ended up back in Boston at Bunker Hill. An interesting museum, but once again no pictures from inside.

And just one more bit of inspiration...........the carpet at one of the hotels we stayed in.

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Candace said...

Sounds like you had a great trip, Mary! We've even been to some of the same places! Glad the rain didn't keep you from seeing everything!

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