Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flying Geese Blocks and Stitching Lines

I thought you would like to see how to make Flying Geese blocks using
Marin & Colusa Stitching Lines. I love this method. There is no waste and blocks come out perfect, as long as you have cut and placed the squares accurately. I made (4) unfinished 3" x 5-1/2" Flying Geese blocks. Stitching Lines will work with any size Flying Geese block up to 3-1/2" x 6-1/2".
To make (4)unfinished 3" x 5-1/2" Flying Geese blocks you will need (1) 6-1/4" square for the goose and (4) 3-3/8" squares for the sky.
Measure the diagonal of the large square. You can use the Stitching Lines as your ruler. Cut the Stitching Lines strip 1/4" shorter than the diagonal.
Stack a smaller square and the large square, right sides together,matching one corner and two sides. Pin in place if desired, keeping the pins away from the diagonal.
Stack a second square and the large square, right sides together, matching opposite corner and two sides. Pin in place if desired, keeping the pins away from the diagonal.
Place the pre-cut Stitching Lines strip over the diagonal.
Line up the center line of Stitching Lines strip with the upper and lower corners of smaller square. The two corners of the square should be sticking out above and below the
Stitching Lines strip.
Stitch on one dotted line.
Stitch on the second dotted line.
Tear off one side of Stitching Lines.
Tear off second side of Stitching Lines.
Lift off center section.
Cut apart between the stitching lines.
Press smaller triangles away from larger triangle on both units.
Place another small square on top of large triangle, right sides together, matching corner and two sides. Cut a Stitching Lines strip 1/4" shorter than diagonal of small square.
Stitch on both dotted lines.
Tear away the Stitching Lines.
Cut apart between stitching lines.

Press small triangles away from large triangle. Trim all "dog ears".

To make any size Flying Geese block, use this formula:
Cut the goose or (1) large square 1-1/4" larger than the finished length of the block.
Cut the sky or (4) smaller squares 7/8" larger than the height of the finished block.


Candace said...

How cool is this, Mary!! I'll be using your stitching lines sometime this weekend!

Kami said...

Mary, great trick on the stitching lines. I may need to try them with flying geese now.

Rebecca P said...

That is such a neat way to make flying geese. I want to try that method.

Rebecca P said...

Mary, where does one find the stitching lines to purchase? The link doesn't work.

Mary said...

Thanks Rebecca for letting me know. Only the top link was working. Now,all the links are working now.

moramargaritaster said...

This is a wonderful manner of doing a flying geese.
Where does i can find the stitching lines ?My email is:

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